Happy by Meagan

Even though she spends most of her time drawing and painting, 15-year-old Meagan Carver looks forward to the two afternoons a week she gets to spend at Breathe Youth Arts working with trained artists.

"I come to Breathe to make friends, and then we're able to all come together to make something that could never have been done by one person," she said.

The homeschooled freshman also enjoys writing and working in the theatre arts when she's not working on her art. In her third semester of Breathe, she has enjoyed learning many different styles of art.

"My favorite art technique is either colored pencils or gel pens," she said. The art piece she has enjoyed making the most this semester is either a mixed media piece on roses or her "Is My Happy Color" piece.

"The 'happy' in the title represents my favorite color, and how a color represents how someone is feeling. It also describes their personality. My favorite color is black because I have a passion for the color and how beautiful it can really be."

Support Meagan's artistic endeavors by purchasing one of her "Happy" products at http://www.lightofchance.org/happy-by-meagan. Proceeds will benefit Breathe and help the program continue to make Meagan's young dreams (and the dreams of other youth) come true.