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Day & Time

3:30-6:00 p.m.

Rosenwald Smith Multicultural Center
208 N. Kentucky Avenue
Madisonville, KY 42431

A Beautiful Mess 5KSign up today for Madisonville, KY's first 5k color run, "A Beautiful Mess" to be held October 18. All proceeds benefit our Breathe | Youth Arts Program. learn more>>

Objectives• To offer programming that: focuses on self-expression, artistic engagement, teamwork skills, and concern for others.
• Give youth a constructive outlet for their creative energies, encourage cooperation and teamwork, teach artistic and social skills.
• To engage young people in unique opportunities to explore the arts while developing supportive relationships and connecting with their community.
• Help program participants to establish and achieve personal goals.
• To teach and help youth discover different ways to critically think and solve problems.
• To increase youth’s self-esteem.Goals• Cultivate a positive environment for youth to growth personally, socially, and professionally.
• Develop leadership, character, and relationships among young people by connecting them with opportunities to serve their community and other areas of need.
• Improve education opportunities for program participants.
• Exhibit program participants work, skills, and abilities.
























































Breathe CoursesBREATHE provides free Fall, Spring, and Summer art sessions for grades 5-12. No artistic talent necessary. Summer currently in session Tuesdays from 3:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Our Fall Session begins Tuesday, September 9. Sign up today!

In this course, students will learn elements and apply methods of silkscreen printing. Students create individual printable designs and work on paper and fabric surfaces to create multicolor screen-printed images. The class will cover the basics of graphic design, silkscreen printing, and wheatpasting. Students will develop Photoshop and screen printing skills, including film prep, working with emulsion, burning screens and printing on paper. (sign up)

This course focuses the process of composing and producing different genres of music. It addresses the principles of recording sound and explains sound characteristics, basic acoustics and proper audio recording techniques for field and studio recording. (sign up)

This course teaches students various forms of dance including but not limited to Hip-Hop, Modern, Latin, Jazz, Swing, Country and Western with emphasis on the contributions each has made to the performing arts and the development of our culture. (sign up)

Breathe Multimedia

View pictures our Breathe Program's spring 2014 photoshoot. (click here)

Light of Chance & Y-Corps Service-Learning ProjectView photos of our service-learning project benefiting the Rosenwald-Smith Multi-Cultural Center in collaboration with the Y-Corps. (click here)

Watch the video part of the Breathe program’s tribute and celebration of Jon and Michaela's lives during the Spring Showcase.

Listen to "Live On". Song written by our music class.

Surf KY ArticleRead our featured article on Surf entitled, "Establishing Arts Awareness and Creative Expression in Community Youth. (click here)

Listen to "Take My Hand". An anti-bullying song our Breathe program wrote to help speak out about bullying.  

Watch and listen to the Breathe Program's remake of U2's song One.

Multimedia Watch and share our Breathe Program's first music video, "Bet Not". All written and recorded by our kids.

Listen to music from our Breathe progam. All songs are written and recorded by the youth in our music class.

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Breathe FeatureRead our front page story featured in The Messenger newspaper about our Breathe program entitled, "Chance to Shine". (click here)

View photos from our Summer Session of the youth's art work and community performances. (click here)

Breathe PhotosView photos from our Breathe | Youth Arts Program (click here)

Watch highlights of our Visual Arts class during their first session.

Breathe Renovation PhotosView photos of our newly renovated space for our new art program located in the historical Rosenwald Smith Multi-Cultural Center originally built in 1928. (click here