WelcomeLight of Chance, Inc. is a creative and innovative non-profit organization founded in 2005 that specializes in community revitalization. Light of Chance takes difficult problems and provides simple yet permanent solutions through events, workshops, and programs. We love effecting live in a positive manner and continue to reach out to communities as well as individuals that live within. learn more>>






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Listen to Eric Logan, our Founder/Executive Director's interview with WAYFM Nashville as he discusses, Light of Chance, how & why he started it, and where we are headed.

   Watch the funny icebreaker from our teen summit in Madisonville, KY. . 

Breathe PhotosView photos from our Breathe | Youth Arts Program (click here)

Get Set Go Year Around PhotosView photos from our Get Set Go Wellness Program (click here)


Breathe Spring Session

Join us Tuesdays in Madisonville, KY from 3:30-6:00 p.m. It's free for grades 5-12. No artistic talent necessary.learn more>>

BG Dailynews Article

Q&A with Eric C. Logan about how he started Light of Chance and the Get Set Go Wellness Program. learn more>>

Get Set Go

Join us for our high energy Get Set Go Wellness Program in Bowling Green, KY for the Fall semester. The program is free for grades K-8. learn more>>